Pekin Community Betterment Organization


Brief History of the 4th of July Celebration

The first celebration was held in 1830. For the first three years, the

celebration was held at the homes of three different families. It mainly

consisted of family picnics and meeting up with old friends. Then, in 1883, the

Washington and Clark County Fair Association was formed and was located

where the Pekin Park is today. Due to a disagreement on where to hold the

celebration (at the land presently known as the Pekin Park or where the

celebration had been held the year before) there were two separate

celebrations held that year. In 1884, an agreement was reached and Pekin

became united with a bigger and better celebration.


In 1952, the Pekin Community Betterment Organization was formed with the

purpose of "bettering" the community. In 1954 the PCBO bought land, which is

now known as the Pekin Park. It was decided to continue the tradition, and

the PCBO has been in charge of the event ever since. The PCBO was

incorporated as a non-profit, non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan



Since it's inception, the members of the PCBO have put forth countless hours

of work, all to benefit the residents of their community.


Pekin Park Location (4th of July Celebration)

340 Park Street

Pekin, IN   47165

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